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Visual artist and motivational speaker Gary Gee visits BMS

Batesville Middle School Sixth, Seventh Grade Art Rotation and 6th , 7th students spent about

25min each with Gary Gee. Gary is a professional fine artist. He spoke a bit about his own work

and studio but mostly interacted with the kids in a very relaxed and positive way. The students

drew random lines on a paper then like looking for shapes in the clouds they created designs on

their paper inspired by these lines. The students enjoyed the relaxed tone in creating just for the

sake of creating.

About Drawing to Conclusions program with Gary Gee-Art for Learning Indiana program

Students will develop critical thinking and deductive reasoning by drawing

a simple scene with Gary Gee. Students will draw figures and derive context

to visualize and create the figures’ surroundings. Combining art,

imagination, and context clues, students will use sketching to draw

conclusions to real world problems.

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