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Batesville Sky Relocating after Two Years

Batesville Sky began with the Umbrella Sky Project installation from Agueda Portugal. Ethel Rodriguez, Batesville Area Arts Council 2020-2021 President, had seen similar installations in Chihuahua, Mexico and Coral Gables, Florida and thought this would bring a lot of color to our community. While planning for the art installation began well before the pandemic, the timing was perfect to bring an interactive outdoor space to our community where people could safely gather outdoors. It was a wonderful enhancement to our wonderful Batesville Farmer’s Market, and many of our local organizations have hosted events under the Batesville Sky.

Once people started traveling again and our first installation was up in the summer of 2021, the BAAC took the opportunity to market the Batesville Sky Project in the Cincinnati and Indianapolis markets and beyond to get visitors to come and see it, but also to shop, eat and enjoy our wonderful town. Batesville saw a big boost in tourism because of the exhibit, which was one of only 5 of its kind in the United States. It was so well received, BAAC extended the installation to include two more Umbrella Sky exhibits, and two holiday light displays. Many sponsors, donations and grants made these displays possible, and BAAC is grateful to the community for their support and enthusiasm for this project.

The Batesville Sky has been written about in The Washington Post and its Facebook page has received over 150,000 visitors. While the time has come for BAAC to focus efforts into new projects, we are thrilled that the Sky Project will continue to bring joy to residents and visitors in its new home of Elmhurst City Center, Illinois. Elmhurst City Center has purchased the structure and will be moving it to their city around April 4th, 2023.

BAAC's vision is to offer many opportunities for artistic engagement for students and community members in a variety of art genres, which include performances, public art and our nationally recognized Arts In Education program that has brought over $1,000,000 in visiting artists, authors and illustrators to work with our local school children since its inception in 1998. For those interested in getting involved or donating to BAAC’s mission, please visit our website at


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