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Prairie Fire Children's Theatre is a professional touring theatre company based in Minnesota. Each summer the theatre sends two professional actors/directors for a one week residency. Our local children ages 8-18 audition for the roles and after a week of rehearsing, the cast performs the play twice on the weekend. This is an awesome week with an average of 80-90 students participating every year!






The Boar’s Head Festival is a beautiful Christmas pageant based on 14th century European customs.

A relatively old tradition, Boar’s Head was recently reinstated into Oldenburg’s Christmas Walk. This family friendly event is held at the Sisters of St. Francis chapel on the first Saturday of December. The goal of The Boar’s Head Festival is to entertain, to inspire, and to invoke faith in its viewers.








Shakespeare in the Park is a show by actors from the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company sponsored by the BAAC for our community at Liberty Park. 

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