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New Mural in Batesville this week!

This week, Artist Yulia Avgustinovich, from Lakewood, Colorado, is going to be installing her mural in downtown Batesville! The mural will be installed on the south east corner of Walnut Street near George Street. Check out a sneak peek below, and keep a look our for LOTS of new art in Batesville!

A special thank you to Isons Pizza and Viji Saravanan for providing meals for the installation crew. Thank you to the installation crew Brad Longstreth, John Kuhlman, and Robert Raver. We would also like to thank Brian Haakinson for recording the installation process and Lisa Tuveson for helping care for Yulia's children while doing the install! It truly takes a village!

Come out to the see the beautiful art across from the Biergarten. The weather is perfect!


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