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Danyel Mann creates choreography for BHS Drama Club

This year the Batesville High School Drama Club performed Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of

Music. Ms. Mann created choreography for five dance numbers. The first number was “Sixteen Going on

Seventeen.” Mary Kate Ketcham (Liesl) and Isaac Trossman (Rolf) learned this number. “Do-Re-Mi” was a

crowd-favorite. There were five high school students who learned this number, and four younger students from

BMS, BIS, and BPS. All of these students but Jen Dodge (Maria) learned “So Long, Farewell.” This was

performed near the very end of Act I. Many of the movements from this piece were used in Act II when the

family performed at the concert. The fourth piece was the “Landler.” This complicated number was learned by

Levi Essick (Kurt), Jen Dodge (Maria), and Brayden McClellan (Captain von Trapp). Finally, the waltz was

taught to the full company for the von Trapp party. This is the only full company number in the show.

Choreography rehearsals were held after school. Several of these rehearsals were on Fridays. This

experience provides the students the opportunity to learn from a professional. It adds depth to the musical

experience. For those students who are not involved in dance of some sort, it might be there first and only

opportunity to learn dance steps/movements.


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