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Mural Project at BIS

Our world is rich and diverse in languages and customs. Embracing this diversity in education is key in developing a society that respects diversity and differences, promoting human dignity. All BIS students had an amazing opportunity to work with mosaic artist, Vicki Murphy, on a large mosaic world, while learning the importance of tolerance and acceptance of others different from themselves.

The project is called “Only One You” and it sends a valuable and necessary message to our students: belonging, diversity, making a difference in our world, and tolerance are life-long attributes we can start building in the intermediate grades. As students’ social skills develop through this proposed project, this will, in turn, aid in shaping positive group work as well as inspiring others. Kindness, tolerance, and empathy are qualities that children must develop over time through observation and practice. If a child can understand other cultures and backgrounds, then he/she can relate to others in their neighborhood, classroom, town, and eventually the world

*Note- The mural project is not quite finished. Teachers are still working on painting the wall around it. I’ll send updated photos then.

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