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Rural Alliance for the Arts Annual Meeting

On August 22, Rural Alliance for the Arts held their annual meeting at the Batesville Public Library. Many thanks to everyone who attended and has supported RAA this year.

2017 Annual Meeting Award Winners

Sarah Hepner- RAA Executive Director, Denise Hillenbrand, AIE co-chair, Jolene Rockwood-AIE co-chair, Sharon Mulvaney- winner of the AIE award, Rachel Werner- owner of Concepts and winner of the Business of the Year award, Jane Craig- volunteer of the Year award, Barb Greene- President's Award and Nancy Mullen, President. Not present was Connie Rozman- also President's Award winner.

Tina Longstreth; Vice- President, Beth Enneking; Hospitality, Sam Mynsberge; Auction Acquisitions, Alex Siefert; Treasurer, and Angela Linville; Social Media. Not present was Paul Ketcham; BCSC Superintendent and representative

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