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Walnut Street Mural

BAAC 2021

Licensing and permission for any reproduction of this artwork please contact Sarah Heppner


Mural Design concept for Hillrom AP Building Metal Warehouse


The mural is painted on specially primed aluminum composite panels using professional exterior acrylic paint and

covered with a UV protective clear coat.   

Some elements of the design will continue onto the metal walls making the artwork as a whole fit better with the building.











Design Narrative

The length of the wall for the mural gives the opportunity to reveal many themes and tell the story of the area through the mural.


  • The composition is featuring native flora and fauna of South Eastern Indiana. 

Birds and animals, views of prairies and woodlands of the area are intervened with elements of architecture, showing how harmoniously nature coexists with the city.


  • The mural shows the historic milestones of the area’s establishment, including farming and the importance the railroad had in the building and development of the city of Batesville. 

  • Views of the forests, trees, and men involved in woodworking reveal the craftsmanship of the furniture in the city of Batesville and the importance of the use of hardwood in regions’ flourishing.


  • Bright bold colors of the design emphasize the vibrant energy of the passionate people of Batesville, the city’s unique hospitality and culture. The mural will inspire and uplift the people walking or driving by the building, it will beautify the street, giving it zest and creating a new point of interest in the city’s downtown.

  • The composition is combined with large and small elements that are pleasing to casual onlookers and also invite people to stop and take a closer look and inspect its intricacies. Each piece and element interweave seamlessly into one cohesive composition. Done in a collage style, the quilted and layered images encompass the area's great natural diversity, highlighting its distinctive fauna, inherent beauty and rich history. Colorful, realistic imagery is intertwined with graphic black and white drawings, connecting present and past, and adding richness to the composition. 

  • Cheerful colors, warm tones, and flowers painted on the walls symbolize spring and hope. Elements of native flora will be a reminder to honor and take care of their natural surroundings. 

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