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Batesville Clocktower



Installation Title: The Woodsman Guys|Holzhacker Buam

The Design was inspired by European Cuckoo Clocks. The bezel incorporates leaves, acorns and walnuts, highlighting the native trees of Southeastern Indiana. Two woodsmen saw a log, 

 representing the lumber industry, which helped to found the City.  The community of Batesville, IN was built on the skills of the rugged individuals that settled here from Germany, bringing with them their culture, language, and technology. The concept was created by Artists’ Chaz Kaiser and Andrea Grimsley and the Illustration by Andrea Grimsley.


The main clockface is a painted repousse’ metal installation with minor animation on the primary face of the tower. The design is based on European cuckoo clock elements.  It features two woodsmen using a two-man saw to cut a log. Their arms will have a slight horizontal movement which can be timed to create a display at chosen intervals.

Walnut, Maple, and Oak leaves will adorn the upper portion of the clock creating a garland style bezel. Two large acorns will anchor the design, all elements are dimensional repousse’ and will be in color. The lower portion of the tower will feature two large Pinecones to complete the design in the traditional german clock style. The remaining clock faces will feature similar garland-style bezels in full color.


The repousse’ metal pieces are constructed of 16 gauge aluminum. The pieces were cut and formed by hand, hammered into the desired dimensional shapes, welded together, primed and hand-painted to create a truly unique installation. 















BAAC 2021

Licensing and permission for any reproduction of this artwork please contact Sarah Heppner

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