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Land-Use Planning

BAAC 2021

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Below are select images that represent a portion of the Land-Use Planning document that was submitted.

The Preliminary Land Planning project will serve as good base data and backbone that outlines the direction a future Overlay District project may head.  We have inventoried existing conditions, analyzed them with steering committee feedback, and have outlined topics for design, implementation, and enforcement considerations.  Our efforts and understanding is intended to help expedite the next

steps by having incorporated community and stakeholder feedback early on. 

By the steering committees work to date, we’ll have a head start on the next steps. 

  • As we see it, the two fundamental aspects of getting an Overlay District up and running include vetting the details of

  • 1) The Architectural & Urban Design Guidelines and

  • 2) The writing/updating of the Legal Language in the Base Ordinances and Overlay District Code.


  • Next step is to hire a consultant ( preferably a local business)  that can provide services for the architectural and urban design criteria and build the publication-ready illustrative packet that would be associated with the formal requirements.  They would build a process that gives the City the opportunity to review the design standards and adopt the approved requirements by developing a publication ready booklet that supplements the legal code and ordinance updates that a separate professional services firm would provide.  

  • There would be several cross-over tasks and collaborative efforts between the firm hired and the legal writing firm to ensure the Base Ordinance is updated as you need it and the Overlay District Code is able to be communicated and enforced.

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