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Part of the Psychology Curriculum is a unit called Stress, Lifestyle and Health. During these lectures, Yoga and Meditation is discussed as a way to relieve stress. Because of your generous funding, we were able to have Lisa Tuveson of Sacred Pause Yoga come in to discuss the benefits of Yoga and Meditation to the Psychology classes and teach some of the Yoga poses that students could use everyday. This was a fantastic supplement to our classroom lectures.

Sarah Pulskamp, owner of GypsySoul Essential Oils and Gifts, met with all OA students during their religion class on Tuesday, April 26 to make 10-bead bracelets to represent one decade of the Rosary. They used wooden beads made from olive wood from Bethlehem. Sarah also taught students different knots to help secure their beads. Students can carry their creation or wear them as a bracelet.

Storyteller and performer, Kevin Stonerock performed Stephen Hopkins: A Pilgrim of

Plymouth for all 5th grade students on Friday, April 22nd, 2022. Students learned about

the life and hardships of a pilgrim that just arrived in Plymouth during the year 1627,

through Kevin’s unique delivery of his first-person style of performing. Mr. Stonerock

performed in proper period-style clothing while also teaching the students about

America’s historical past.

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