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Toca Madera visits St. Louis Schools virtually

The third, fourth, and fifth graders at St. Louis Catholic School were able to experience a virtual performance from the musical group Toca Madera on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021. The band “traveled” with our students to multiple countries in Latin America. While visiting each country, the duo shared a variety of instruments and traditional songs in order to experience its culture. Students loved demonstrating their Spanish speaking skills to Toca Madera throughout the performance. It was a wonderful connection between their Spanish class and the world outside of our school.

The students’ favorite part of the performance was learning “Salsa” while in Cuba. They were able to get up and try out the dance for themselves while Salsa music played. Toca Madera also took time at the end of the performance to answer questions from students and demonstrate a few other instruments. Many students commented on how much they enjoyed the performance and sang their songs while waiting in the bus line at the end of the day.


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