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Robin McBride Scott visits Batesville Intermediate School

Robin McBride Scott hosted individual pottery workshops for all 5th grade classes on

November 1st and 2nd. In the hour-long workshops, Robin taught the students about Native

American pottery, its visual characteristics and functional features. She also taught them about

effigies and how making containers depicting the images of people or animals is a commonality

between the ancient native culture and today’s culture (i.e. a drinking vessel shaped like a

Native American tribal-style head vs. a plastic sippy cup shaped like Spiderman’s head; both are

effigies). Robin then guided the students through creating their own effigy bowls in the form of

birds. This project is continued in art class after Robin’s visit, as students paint the birds, read

Native American legends, and write their own legend concerning their effigy bird to serve as an

artist statement for their work.


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