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Miss Lizzie visits St. Louis Schools!

Miss Lizzie came to St. Louis and She spent three days working with our St. Louis students. She taught them about the history and the origin of ballet .They learned that ballet originated in France under King Louis and she explained that is why many of the ballet terms are French. She showed them The different types of shoes used in dance and how strong of ballerinas have to be when going up on their tiptoes and point shoes. She also taught them how to stretch and the various beginning ballet positions and moves. Miss Lizzie showed the students how to stretch and then they tried out some of the various moves that she showed them. Many commented that they gained a new appreciation for how hard and strenuous dance could be, especially since it looks so effortless when you watch a professional ballerina.

With the 6th 7th and 8th grade students Miss Lizzie also did a few “snapshots “ in drama which the kids enjoyed very much. She holds degrees in Dance and Theater.


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