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Choreographer Lizzy Moeller Russell visits St. Louis School

St. Louis teacher Christy Pedersen shares a recent AIE experience: " Even though we can not have a full musical, we are trying to get our normal experiences in. Lizzy choreographed three dances for each class - a grade level full length song, a finale, and bows. The finale and bows were videoed so we could learn them at our leisure - snow made scheduling difficult, so this allowed us flexibility (and we could also include students who were quarantined).

Lizzy then came in to teach each class their specific song (as well as supplied videos for re-teaching and quarantine possibilities). The students love her energy and expertise, and the way she breaks each step down to make sure they understand it. Our final performance was videotaped and sent to our students’ families, to allow for safe viewing for all."


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