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Traveling Exhibits at BMS this week!

In a time of COVID we are bringing the ART to our school for a unique learning experience. This exhibition educates and brightens our school in what can seem like a depressing time..

We are hosting the "Wyland Exhibit" bringing about awareness and activitism through Art. Wyland advocates the beauty and need for saving our Oceans through his spectacular Oceanscape paintings. Our students get to dive into the beauty of our oceans!

We also are hosting the "Art Beyond Borders Exhibit". Imagine a language through which people of all nations can communicate ... a universal tongue that enables humanity to rise above political and philosophical differences...a force so powerful that it binds humankind through a common energy, bringing us closer to world peace. Art is that universal language.

24 artists are featured from 24 different countries, different cultures, different experiences. A world apart. Yet we are connected.

Can you feel it?

The exhibition is wrapping up THIS WEEK!

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