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Richard Lin visits Oldenburg Academy

Richard Lin won the 2018 International Violin Contest in Indianapolis. As part of his winnings, he tours the area. Richard Lin met with the entire orchestra as a whole. Then, he worked with just the string players. After that, he performed a concert (which he called an “informance”) and allowed students to ask him questions. Many students also read the article in the Indy Star from October 16 prior to his visit.

The string players were in awe of his talent, commenting that he was able to take the piece they were working on, memorize it, and then play it back instantly, “better than we’d ever heard it.” The general students could not believe that after his paralysis, he “could pick the violin back up as if it was no big deal.” The students also liked that he talked to them, even convincing him to play the piano at one point. One non-music student said, “it was a lot more entertaining and interesting than I thought it would be.”

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