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Artist David Zinn helps Batesville Schools Celebrate Arts in Education Week

Governor Eric Holcomb declared September 8-14, 2019 to be Arts in Education Week. Batesville schools celebrated this week by inviting Chalk Artist, David Zinn to all the schools.

He started his week with Batesville Middle. The Arts Students and Faculty at BMS were blown away by Mr. Zinn's talent and knack for teaching. Unfortunately his artwork here is only temporary, but they are excited to set out and find his permanent installations around Batesville!

Zinn stopped by the Batesville Intermediate School next.

He ended his week with the high school art students.

David Zinn presented his story for the students and demonstrated his talents. He showed them techniques that he uses to create impressive works of art. The students learned about his use of pareidolia to discover art in everyday life and see what wants to be drawn. He explained and answered questions about his anamorphic artwork which appears to jump off of the sidewalk. The students joined him in the drawing session and filled up the front of the school with amazing, but temporary artwork!

Zinn’s week in Batesville concluded with an AIE Evening Series program, Friday, September 13th from 4:30 – 6:30, where he did some public chalk drawings on sidewalks on George and Main Streets, in the vicinity of Amack’s Well. Parents and kids alike were encouraged to stop by the area and watch as Zinn’s favorite characters come to life. Don’t be surprised if one or two like Batesville so much they decide to stick around! For more info on David Zinn, visit

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