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The Fourth Wall

Batesville Intermediate School's Arts in Education program hosted The Fourth Wall, a hybrid arts group from Massachusetts that combines music, dance, and theatre on August 30, 2018. Their "Vibrations and Sound" program introduced students to the concepts of science in music. With an accordion, flute, and trombone, The Fourth Wall performed an interactive lesson on pitch, sound waves, harmony, and frequency. In addition to their large group performances, an afterschool workshop called "Combining Music and Movement" was offered to students in grades 2-5. About forty students participated.

The Fourth Wall also performed at BPS.

Next up: Playhouse in the Park extended workshops in classrooms Oct. 1-4 and 15-19

-Robin McBride Scott will work with 5th graders in "Gifts From the Earth: Native American Effigy Pottery" during art class with Miss Olivia Harms.

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