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Palate to Palette

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For Immediate Release:

Palate to Palette

Batesville, IN, February 26, 2018 – The Rural Alliance for the Arts is pleased to present Palate to Palette, an event combining the joys of art and food, on Monday, April 9 at 6:30 at The Sherman.

RAA invites guests to browse the food art gallery presented by area K-12 art students. Local art teachers have encouraged students to create food projects using a variety of art media…from clay cupcakes to food photography to silk screening, be inspired by what our local students have created. There will also be several food art centerpieces created by local businesses and organizations. After viewing the gallery, author, food columnist and on-air host for WISH TV, Chef Wendell Fowler, will present “Eat Right Now.”

The popular TV personality and book author presents his ''Eat Right Now'' program at many of Indiana's leading corporate Health Fairs, Farmer's Market, and social organizations. His syndicated food column and popular weekly TV segment on WISH TV in Central Indiana are viewed by the thousands. His stories and medically-supported information offer hope, encouragement, food for thought, laughter, and a whole new level of ''feel good'' accessible to everyone. Chef Wendell Fowler has been an on-air contributor at WISH TV Indianapolis for 14 years. He is author of: ''Eat Right Now: The End of Mindless Eating'', ''Eat Right Now 2.0: It's All About the Food, and "Eat Right Now 3.0: Recipes for a Kinder, Gentler Planter.'' From Alaska to New Hampshire, his NAMPA award winning "Eat Right Now'' syndicated column teaches an awakening world to love themselves enough to end their suffering and fluently connect with the one divine intelligence that created you.

Chef Wendell will be available before and after the event to sign books and to answer questions. A variety of appetizers and desserts will be served. Please make reservations by April 4 -- on-line at, checks payable to RAA at POB 307, Batesville, or 812-933-0355 or 812-932-0283.

Cost is $20 for RAA members, $25 for non-members.


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