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Boar's Head Auditions

*Adult choir—high school age on up Show up at OA auditorium Tuesday September 26 at 6:30PM. Brian Knueven will hand out schedules and music. Open to everyone! *Auditions/sign-ups for actors will be Wednesday September 27 from 5:30- 7:30 in the Meyers building 502 W Pearl St. There are 4 speaking parts—2 Heralds, St Nicholas and Head Angel. We will have something for you to read. *Children’s choir and children’s solo audition— grades 4-8 Thursday September 28 in OA auditorium. 6PM will be 15 minutes of group sing. Anyone interested in the solo immediately following *If you cannot attend any of these dates please contact Regina Siefert 812-212-0789 or Amber Cochran 812-374-2037 ****Show dates December 1 – 7PM December 2-Holidays Under the Spires, 7PM You can get more information about the Boar's Head Festival here >>

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