Young Artist Showcase Winners

The Young Artist Showcase competition, sponsored by the Rural Alliance for the Arts, honors students in grades 6-12 for accomplishments in five arts areas – drama, music, art, dance and creative writing. Trophies and ribbons were presented at schools' end-of-the-year programs.

Batesville High School

Creative Writing (Fiction)

Ribbon: Melanie Werner

Creative Writing (Poetry)

Ribbon: Molly Wintz, Chloe Shaw

Art (2D)

Trophy: Ryan Krohn, Anna McCreary, Caroline Meer

Ribbon: Holly Bryan, Sarah Cummins, Andrew Bellingham, Grace Lamping, Kim Mateo, Anna Moeller, Sean Thie, Lacie Bowling

Art (3D)

Trophy: Brice Keeton

Ribbon: Sarah Wilson, Kristen Covert, Marie Werner, Robert Strobel, Chelsey Voegele

Art (Advanced Placement)

Ribbon: Anna Sing

Music (Vocal)

Ribbon: Morgan Kramer, Marisa Fullenkamp, Ciera Belter, Delaney Ward, Chloe Stephens, Hannah Canady, Hannah Canady, Ashley Daulton, Elizabeth Loichinger

Music (flute)

Ribbon: Molly Jones

Music (piano)

Trophy: Chloe Stephens, Ciera Belter, Coleman Jennewein

Ribbon: Hannah Canady, Elizabeth Loichinger


Trophy: Anna Moeller, Chloe Shaw

Ribbon: Cortney Widener, Chloe Shaw, Bert Davalos, Katie Bohman, Whitney Drew


Trophy: Caleb Moster

Ribbon: Emily Massey, Marissa Fullenkamp

Batesville Middle School

Creative Writing (Fiction)

Trophy: Emily Meyer

Art (2D)

Trophy: Cooper Wilhelm, Laney Flynn, Emily Meyer

Ribbon: Eli Lamping, Molly Weiler

Art (3D)

Trophy: Henry Dirkhising, Emily Meyer

Ribbon: Will Pulskamp, Brayleigh Patterson, Eden Lewis, Chase Hamilton

Art (Photography)

Trophy: Alex Moore

Ribbon: Lane Miller, Hunter Laudick

Music (vocal)

Trophy: Callie Main, Sara Storey, Alyssa Linville, Katie Bedel

Ribbon: Maggie Weberding, Lucy Stephens

Music (flute)

Ribbon: Chloe Jennewein

Music (piano)

Trophy: Aidan Jennewein, Katie Bedel

Ribbon: Maddie Hanley


Ribbon: Allison Bohman


Trophy: Will Story

Ribbon: Grant Story

Oldenburg Academy

Creative Writing (Fiction)

Trophy: Amanda Cranert, Clare Hunter

Ribbon: Kennedy Hanna, Sophie Wessler

Creative Writing (Poetry)

Trophy: Isabella Sterchi