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Iditarod Musher visits BIS

Karen Land, Iditarod musher, came to Batesville Intermediate School on March 10th. Karen talked about her adventures in the -50 degree cold. She would start with 2 pair of long underwear and a fleece jacket. Then add a thick snowsuit and a jacket, then a ski mask. On top of that she added bubble pants and jacket to keep out the wind. The wind would go through the zipper in her snowsuit. She even dressed a student up in her gear. Karen also brought in her dog sled. In a race, she would spend an hour putting booties on the team's feet. There are 16-20 dogs in her team and they are Alaskan Huskies. Their hair is very thin and they actually wear vests in the Iditarod race to keep warm.

The kids got to pet her dog, Noggin. All of the dogs born in a litter have a common theme for their name. Noggin's siblings are all game names: Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, and Uno.

The kids really enjoyed learning about Karen's adventures!

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