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WHAT IS 229?

The mission of Project 229 is to explore and discover the unique and extraordinary parts of the Batesville and Oldenburg communities. The end product will be a hardcover, professional art book that visually documents what makes our town special.


The 229 Photo Book Project was initiated to continue RAA’s mission, particularly in photography. Project 229 is a name inspired by State Route 229, the route that connects the Batesville and Oldenburg communities. It is our hope that the innate simplicity of the name will spark curiosity in our neighbors, and that upon realizing the meaning they will appreciate the project as a tribute to the utter potency of community, people, and stories in our towns. 


Project 229 is only possible because of the unique community that we live in. Without the people in our town and the stories that they live, this project would not exist. In order to appropriately document and tell those stories, we intend to engage the community in the art experience through collaborative storytelling and creative design.


This project is a large undertaking that involves a core group of volunteers, and relies on the excitement and interest of our community to accomplish our goal: to vividly and accurately capture and display pieces of the mosaic that make up the place we call home.


This project is about the thousands of people and their stories who make up the community we live in. Each story is interwoven in the narrative line of 229, a single ribbon that passes through our collective experiences and makes us one. 

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