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2018 Community Art Show 


June 21, 2018

STEAM Museum


April 13, 2017

Bill Harley


April 11, 2017


Bill Harley is a musician and storyteller. A two-time Grammy award-winning artist, Bill Harley uses song and story to "paint a vibrant and hilarious picture of growing up, schooling and family life." A member of the National Storytelling Network's Circle of Excellence, Bill tours nationwide as an author and performing artist.

Bill visited BPS and BIS and was part of the AIE evening series. 

Young Artist Showcase


Spring 2017

BPS students create Matisse artwork


March 10, 2017


Patrick Durkin was at Batesville Primary School on March 10th to create artwork in Henri Matisse's style.  The students had an amazing time and the artwork turned out fabulous!



Writer Mary Knight talks visits local schools 


March 10, 2017


Mary Knight was at BIS on March 9 & 10, and then went to St. Louis School on March 13.



Karen Land visits BIS and BPS


March 9-10, 2017

The Cat in the Hat


March 2, 2017


The Cat in the Hat spent the week with BPS students as they celebrated reading and Dr. Seuss. The cat read a story to each library class as well as enjoying other activities with the students such as lunch and recess.



Saakumu at BMS


February 22-23, 2017


Saakumu worked with 7th grade general music, art, and computer students on the Ewe dance "Gahu"

The group performed a convo on Feb 23 for the student body and 7th grade students and 8th grade students who learned the dance last year all came out on the floor to dance



R.O.C.K. for the RAA
Annual Art Auction


February 10, 2017



Gyil ensemble performance at Indy


October 29,2016


The Gyil Ensemble (African xylophone) performed at the Rhythm Discovery Center in Indianapolis. It is a tremendous place to play and the center has a great collection of musical instruments throughout history. The kids love it!!

Boars Head Festival

December 2-3, 2016

AIE Peter Brown
November 10-11, 2016
Batesville Primary School and Batesville Intermediate School's Arts in Education programs hosted a two-day visit with award-winning artist and author Peter Brown. Peter worked with over 950 students in grades K-5 on November 10 and 11. 


AIE Don Edwards

Artist Don Edwards visited Batesville Primary school on September 23, 2016.

Bicentennial Projects


Projects were begun/finished last spring so as to be ready for Batesville's Bicentennial celebration on September 17. The biography/murals and timeline projects used some AIE funds, mainly for materials. 




Patrick Durkin, aka Matisse-a-Pizza, worked with 5th grade students on August 24 and 25 at Batesville Intermediate School to kick off this school year's Arts in Education program. Patrick presented a paper cut-out activity based on the later work of
Henri Matisse.


This program was organized in collaboration with Walhill Farm's Bacon Blues & Brew Music and Arts Festival and the Rural Alliance for the Arts..

AIE Carson Diersing 

Musician Carson Diersing visited Batesville Middle School the week before Bacon Blues and Brew festival.

AIE Michael Kelsey 

Musician Michael Kelsey visited Batesville Middle School the week before Bacon Blues and Brew festival.

2016 Community
Art Show


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