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About the Event

The BAAC Music event for grades 6-12 will be held January 10, 2024.  (Batesville School Corporation or BAAC members). This contest is normally called The Young Artist Showcase.


**Contestants must attend BMS, BHS, St. Louis, or OA; live in the Batesville Community School Corporation and be homeschooled; or be members of BAAC.  Those in the second two categories are responsible for their own transportation.  


Students need to be registered by December 15 @ 3pm.  To sign-up, use the following links:

Ensemble --

Vocal --

Instrumental --


Mrs. Gehring will email performance times to students during the first week of January.  


Once your student is registered, they need to be prepared for the contest. Please have them speak with their teachers and make sure they are preparing and ready. Do not sign up if they do not intend to follow through.   


Students do not need to be in any music program at your school to participate.  


At the schools, someone will let you know the warm-up room and performance room.  A BAAC volunteer will be there to help the judges that day. Homeschoolers that sign up, please indicate the school you would like to play at. 


For Batesville School students, this sign up will also come from the schools. You can sign up from either email. SLS students may want to use this email for sign ups. It is important you sign up before December 15th. If your student is working on a ISSMA song, this song can be used if they are ready by then. Any song will work, but please make sure your students is well prepared. 


Here are the rules for the BAAC Contest:

-Two copies of the music must be supplied for the judges (can be photocopies)

-Measures are to be numbered on the judges’ copies of the music.  

-All other markings or notations are to be erased from the music.

-Student is responsible for his/her own accompaniment.  Accompanist is preferred, but a good quality cd is permissible.  Students should ensure a way to play this.

-Student is responsible for his/her travel arrangements to performance facility.

-Performance should last no longer than 5 minutes.   

 -Come well prepared + dress nicely.  Do your best.

-You will be judged on technique, musicianship, and accuracy.    

-Ensembles of 2-8 members may participate (limit of 1 ensemble per individual per category).


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