Welcome to Project 229!  


In an attempt to tell the story of our unique community, the Rural Alliance for the Arts is creating a photo book that reveals the everyday wonders of Batesville and Oldenburg. Connected by State Route 229, we believe that these towns form a very personal and powerful mosaic composed of the many hidden gems found within our community. As a photographer, your task will be to approach and present your subjects in a way that sparks curiosity, joy, passion, pride, and hope in each person who picks up this book.  Your photographic inquiry, as well as stories from your subjects, will begin to reveal the heart of our community, and the beauty of the people who make it up. Your shots should be influenced by your passion for photography, as well as the heart of the project: the use of real life stories to reveal a beautiful, connected, unique community. It is our goal to uncover the big picture of our community by inspiring its members to zoom in and focus on what makes it truly special: the people and their stories. Will you join us in this adventure?